Zhu Zhu Make Over!


Reprogramming Electronics, painting the fur/coats to your pleasure, changing out parts, fixing broken engines, replacing wheels and more. Here's what we have found.


Zhu Zhu Pets might be inexpensive to replace but why throw away the older broken ones? These can be fixed for yourself or become a Science Project or Craft Project for someone else. Tweens, Teens and Adults are always looking for something like this to work on. The Zhu Zhu's will not only give the Tweens and Teens a fun project, perhaps even a school credited project, but will learn much along the way. If kids learn to fix these types of items while young, fixing larger items, such a a car or washing machine will come easy to them as an adult. Not to mention teaching children about the value of fixable items and how not just trashing these items helps the environment.

Coming soon we will have photos and ideas and information on tools you will need to make changes and or fix your Zhu Zhu Hamster/Pets. We will be listing the types of paints you will need to customize the colors of your favorite Zhu Zhu's.


Customize Zhu Zhu First starting

There are several ways to dye the fabric, or call it fur, of the Zhu Zhu Pet. Keep in mind that the fabric IS polyester so not just any dye will work. Also keep in mind that unless you take the fur off the toy you will not be able to submerge it into dyes. Paint is one way to customize your Zhu Zhu. But again, you will not be able to just use any paint. Many paints will dry stiff, and you sure do not want that on a beloved cutie toy. Fabric dyes will again have to adhere to polyester. Read all packaging so that you don't have time and money into something that you will be disappointed with.

When you paint your pet. Use a small brush. Put very little paint on the brush and go slow, very slow. Once it is on, it is on for good. Let dry overnight and perhaps longer. 24 hours is probably a good amount of time. If you get in a hurry to play with your newly painted pet and it smudges, the smudges will always be there.

First Modification on Zhu Zhu

All that said I will remind you that a white colored pet will product the best colors for you. Remember that if you start with a yellow fur and add blue paint you are probably going to create a lovely GREEN! Darker colors may or may not take the colors you try to add to them...and probably not.

I have been experimenting with permanent markers. Markers are easier to use, relativity inexpensive are permanent and you can use them for so many other things around the house. Again, why working with the pens, just as the paint, go slow. Have an idea in mind before you start marking the Zhu Zhu and have fun with it.

Stenciling Zhu Zhu's

You can also decorate the fabric without painting or dying. You can sew on or stick on fabric patches. You could cut your own patches out of cute fabrics and sew them to the pet. You might want to sew on charms, colorful beads, pearls, alphabetic beads, or even chains to the fabric of the pet. You can use Craft Glue to glue on ribbons or other trims. Use a toothpick or paint brush and paint all the item, out to the ends and each side, so that it sticks well. Set your Zhu Zhu somewhere safe til it drys well before playing with it again.

Just make sure your Zhu Zhu can still move freely by keeping all these add on on the top of your pet.

You could add earrings to the ears of your pet. You may be able to put pieced earrings on the Zhu Zhu with just a slight push.

Removing the stitching emblems. Very carefully and take your time use a seam ripper and tweezers to remove the emblems sew into the fur when you purchase the pets.


St Pat's Zhu Custome St Pat's Day Custom Zhu Zhu St. Pat's Customized Zhu Zhu with bow on the butt Zhu Zhu St. Pat's Day Make Over


If your favorite Zhu Zhu Pet needs repair where might you find replacement parts? Garage Sales, Thrift Shops, Second Hand Stores might be able to help you. If you find used Zhu Zhus and pull parts off of them or switch the Favorite Toys coat, don't throw the other piece away. Save it. You might decide to use more of the parts or want to play a bit with the electronics, fabric dying or maybe take the fabric off and paint the plastic housing.



Broken Noses

Replacing Whiskers

Once in a while that whiskers can become messed up, bent, chewed, broken off. You can use many different types of items to replace them, but fishing string is your best bet. But, if you want something colored, be creative, look around the craft store and see what you might find.


Use rechargeable batteries to save money and help the environment. This also teaches children not to waste. When the rechargeable are not longer rechargeable, dispose of them correctly. Well? Of course I mean ANY type of battery that is no longer useful.


Imagine you have a child that loves Zhu Zhu Pets. Their birthday or other Holiday is coming and you are either short on money or you want a very special gift, or both! What if you took a Zhu Zhu and made it costume for YOUR child? You could even buy a used Zhu Zhu at a Garage Sale if money was real tight and still have a wonderful gift, a very special gift for your child made especially for them.


If you are not going to use your box for storage of your Zhu Zhu's, use them for other crafts. Think of the cute card you could make for a Birthday or other Holiday for either someone else that loves the same toys or for a person you are giving a Zhu Zhu for a gift. It takes very little talent to make a really fun, cute, unique card for a special person. And if you have that type of talent, all the better!

Also, as with all collectors items. Zhu Zhu's are a collectors item and if you ever want to sell them it is best if you have that original box to sell them in.


Do you have ideas or photos of your customized Zhu Zhu you would like to share with the World on this site? Email us and of course we will credit the items with your name or screen name, which ever you like it. Email marna@hamsteragility.com


If you customize your Zhu Zhus you might want to show them off on a display shelf or setting around your home. Take the batteries out while they set on a shelf. It will not only be safer for your item, the batteries will not leak and make a dangerous mess on your shelves.

The contents of this page for Zhu Zhu Make Over! is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Hamster Agility Team
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