Hamster Temperaments

I hear it all the time....hamsters are mean and they just lay there.

Temperaments are bred in. There are many, many nasty lines of hamsters. But if you are patient and look around, there are many many lines of sweet hamsters too. My nice little Teddy's died well over a year ago and I looked every chance I got, but was not going to settle. I think I told this list that Deron even bought me Zhu Zhus because I complained I could not find nice hamsters. (he is such a riot!)

When I go to the pet store, I have the people there pick them up. If they do not know to wake them up and give them a minute to wake up before grabbing them...... But if they can and do pick them up bare handed, no glove, I am interested. Then <she grins a huge grin> I call Deron over. He holds them and messes with them to check temperament. (bless his heart and hands, because he has been bit doing this for me). THEN and only then, I am interested. We usually set the hamster back down in the cage and let it walk around, then pick it back up.

That said. Hamsters need to be tamed. Many, if not most, also need to be held daily to stay tame. But if you get a nice one and handle it a lot......what a great pet you will have! Hamsters are usually in their deepest sleep in the day time when humans are up. I do most of my training in the evening and let the guys wake up before reaching in for them. I talk to them a lot too.

There are other factors that can make a normally good hearted hamster "go bad". Unfair treatment by their human, bad diet, infestation of mites or lice, grabbing them when they are sleeping, a hamster that has been teased and taunted, shaken in a Hamster Ball or other hamster powered item,

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-- The Hamster Agility Team
Thu, 17 Feb 2011 14:42:53 -0500

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