Fun Hamster Facts

Did you know??????

Hamsters breed faster the Rats?
Hamsters become sexual mature at 5 to 6 weeks. their gestation period is a mere 16 to 22 days, depending on the type of hamster. A normal or average hamster litter is; for Syrian 6 to 10; for Dwarf breeds 5 to 6. Hamsters have between 7 to 11 PAIRS of teats. Hamsters are weaned at appox 3 weeks of age.

Hamsters need a wheel and if some do not have a wheel in their cages 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, they can become paralyzed.

Hamsters enjoy fruits and vegetable. In fact they need them in their diets just like humans do. Do not give your hamster a chunk of either. A piece about the size of a dime of fruit and or veggie every other day is enough. More then that can give the hamster diarrhea. Diarrhea can be and often is deadly in hamsters.

Hamsters love to crawl through tubes. Many people give small hamsters toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes when the paper is used up. The hamsters (gerbils, mice, ratties) love to play with the tubes and crawl through them. They also love to chew the tubes up into bedding. Agility Courses are also fun for hamsters, but must be taught to them in a fun and fair way.

Syrian Hamsters are solitary animals. Dwarf Hamsters are usually kept in pairs.

Long Haired Hamster may need to be brushed daily with a new/clean soft toothbrush.

Hamsters do not smell badly. But if you do not keep their cages kept clean, cages filled with fecal matter and urine can become terribly offensive to the human nose and a health risk to the hamster that lives there.

A family dog or cat or even a parrot can and might kill and even eat your new hamster. Do not leave a hamster unattended with other pets in the room with them. Do not let a hamster run in a ball or vehicle (rodent propelled vehicle that is) if your cat or dog is in the room or unattended.

Most Syrian Hamsters grow to large for those cute little tube cages. Check the size and ask Hamster owners before buying one and having your poor hamster getting stuck or unable to maneuver to it's food area.

Buy the largest cage you can afford for your hamster. Add an appropriate sized wheel for the breed and a hiding hut.

Many large bird toys are safe and fun for small pets such as Hamsters.

If you have a small home, or just want your hamster confined when out of it's cage. Buy a track for your hamsters ball or vehicle (rodent powered vehicle) hamsters can go round and round and round and still have a very good time. You can add on to the track and even make fun patterns/trails for them to enjoy.

NEVER LET A CHILD OR A DOG OR A CAT OR ANYONE OR ANYTHING PUSH A HAMSTER BALL OR RODENT POWERED VEHICLE. The hamster could be harmed. At the very least, it would not be fun for the hamster and very frighting for it.

Toys made of plastic are really not made for hamsters. Hamsters like to chew on their cage items and the plastic might harm them.

Hamster love treats. But just like humans they should only have a sugar coated treat now and again. They will eat it before the nutritional meal and many times in place of it. It is just as unhealthy for hamsters to eat too many treats as it is for humans and other animals.

Syrian Hamsters are also known as Common Hamsters, Golden Hamsters, Pet Hamster and even Old Style Hamsters.

Hamsters have been domesticated since 1930.

Hamsters will use the same corner to potty in. Many people add a small container of shavings or litter to the established area then lift out that container for cleaning. However, from time to time, at least once a week, the entire cage needs to be emptied and cleaned and cleaned very well.

Don't place your hamster's cage to close to the wall or your clothing. There is a good change your hamster will chew on items that it's cage is up against.

Keep the Hamster's cage out of direct sunlight and out of drafts....yes, it really does matter.

Hamsters need to sleep early in the day. It is important that they are kept in an area of the house that does not get a lot of traffic or noise during those hours.

The best time of day to work with and or play with your Hamster is evening after it wakes up. They will be the most active and at their best.

You can purchase small pet play pens. Make sure the one you use for your hamster has bars that go up and down, not sideways. If the bars are sideways the hamster will climb them for sure....and many times very quickly.

Hamsters need items to chew to keep their rodent teeth filed down.

Nuts in the shell are great fun for hamsters. The hard shell is good for their teeth and the nut inside a great treat.

Hamsters and other small pets CAN learn to enjoy an Agility Course, Tricks and Tasks, if they are taught fairly and in a fun way.

A Hamsters normal rectal temperature is 97.2 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. They have 380 - 412 heartbeats per minute. And their respiratory rat is approx 74 breathes per minute. 33 minimum, 127 maximum.

A Hamster is NOT a miniature Guinea Pig. The two species look a lot a like, but are quite different from one another in all ways.

Dwarf Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters, as groups, are different and similar in many ways. Please do your research on the care for the type you own.

Hamsters need excersize in a safe environment. Make sure, when your hamster is out of it's cage that you are watching it. Hamsters are very fast little animals that love to get under and into items around the house.

There are many types of Hamster Wheels. Not all of them squeak.

Hamsters are escape artists. Be sure your cage door is locked and you may need to add a metal tie or snap to the front of the door so that the hamster does not get out when you are not looking.

Yes, people really have taught their Hamsters to walk on a leash with a harness. I have even seen one girl that has/had a hamster that heals with no leash at all. But you have to take the time it takes to train them to do this.

People all over the world show their hamsters at events where the hamsters are bred to a standard of the breed. Much like a dog show.

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